18KNOTS kiteschool


It is an Active Tourism Company

Registration AT / CA / OO397


Our school is located in the Barriada del Río San Pedro of Puerto Real next to the facilities of the Yacht Club.


At 18KNOTS kiteschool we are specialists in courses of:

Kitesurf, SUP Paddle and Summer camps




Insurance A.C. and R.C. + Certified instructors + We use state-of-the-art equipment + 90% practical courses and put in the water with the instructor + We explain and send the theory of the course in P.D.F. + Session Photos, videos + Advise to sell equipment or rent later + Optional social networks to continue later.




Our sailing experience in general over 25 years


Windsurfing since 1985

Slalom, freestyle, waves


Since 1999, browsing KITESURF and teaching it since 2003

(initiation courses, personal courses, reinforcements, group courses, courses for students)


For 6 years in S.U.P. Paddle

(courses, crossings, bird watching, S.U.P. Paddle-yoga)


Summer camps for boys between 6 and 12 years old.

The 18 KNOTS school is located next to the San Pedro River Yacht Club (Puerto Real) and collaborates with its program of annual activities, among which the Summer Camps (July and August) stand out


The Bay of Cádiz has very special conditions for teaching and practicing these sports, its pleasant people, its surroundings and white villages, the fine sand of its beaches and the gentle winds from March to October, provide unequaled conditions for 8 months for learn and then 12 months to practice.


From 18KNOTS kiteschoo for its status as Active Tourism Company and depending on the weather conditions (tides, wind direction and intensity) we can move and teach courses on different beaches of the RIVER SAN PEDRO, ROTA and SANLÚCAR DE BARRAMEDA

Our expert instructors, their seriousness and dedication will make you feel the sea as you have never lived and you will experience new sensations, fresh and very particular.


Web: www.18knotskitesurf.com

Email: 18knotskite@gmail.com

School phone number: +34 679 575439



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